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URMIA hosts specialized communities designed to connect members who have similar interests. These communities provide an additional opportunity for members to find other members who may experience some of the same challenges and solutions.

If you are interested in joining any of the communities below, become an URMIA member for this and many other member benefits.

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A diverse group of individuals attending an event at URMIA's 2022 annual conference in Indianapolis.

Compliance Community

This community is for URMIA institutional members who have responsibility for compliance risk, play a role in overall compliance efforts on campus, or want to learn more about compliance risk. The group of more than 200 compliance professionals take part in monthly virtual education sessions and discussions to keep up with the latest in compliance issues on campus.

Higher Ed ERM Roundtable

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is growing on campus and URMIA developed its Higher Ed ERM Roundtable community to bring together those URMIA institutional members who are directly or indirectly responsible for ERM or wish to learn more about ERM. Roundtable members meet regularly online discussing and sharing best practices, experiences, education, and challenges.

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Professionals of Color Community

The Professionals of Color Community welcomes people of color, those who identify as a non-majority ethnicity, and people who are biracial to exchange thoughts on support and empowerment in the higher education risk management community. Participating in the Professionals of Color Community is free and open to all URMIA members belonging to these diverse populations.

Solo Risk Professionals Community

You are not alone as a higher education risk manager. URMIA has established the Solo Risk Professionals Community where institutional risk professionals can exchange ideas and benefit from the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of peers who are also the only risk manager at their institution or are responsible for risk management as just one of their primary duties on campus. Belonging to the Solo Risk Professionals Community is free and open to all URMIA members who are alone in overseeing their institution’s risk management responsibilities.


Accessing Your Communities

Once subscribed, you can quickly access your new communities through the URMIA NETWORK menu. Select My URMIAnetwork and look for the "My Communities" heading on that page.

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A large green arrow pointing from URMIA Network --> My URMIAnetwork --> My Communities

A diverse group of individuals holding up 4-foot tall letters spelling out URMIA.