About Us

The University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA) is an international non-profit educational association serving colleges and universities. Our core purpose is to promote the advancement and application of effective risk management principles and practices in institutions of higher education. Our membership includes thousands of professionals at more than 600 institutions of higher education and 100 companies supporting those institutions. 

Our ​Mission


The mission of the University Risk Management and Insurance Association is to advance the discipline of risk management in higher education.


URMIA is the preeminent source of innovative and effective risk management ideas and solutions to the challenges facing institutions of higher education in the pursuit of their academic, social, and economic goals.


URMIA is pledged to the advancement of higher education risk management and the professional growth of our members. Our conduct is guided by the highest ethical standards. All interactions are characterized by trust, accessibility, diversity, innovation and camaraderie.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We aspire to take meaningful action that reflects our association’s values statement within this community and in higher education itself.

6/17/2020: We invite you to read our recent message to the membership and join the conversation on these issues as we move forward to implement a plan for meaningful change.


  • To protect the reputation and resources, both human and financial, of institutions of higher education through the incorporation of sound risk management practices into all aspects of their operations.
  • To make available the best and most complete risk management information for institutions of higher education.
  • To provide excellent professional development opportunities for risk management professionals in higher education.

2019 Strategic Plan - Key Objectives

Enhance URMIA’s Educational and Resource Toolkit

  1. Refresh the education plan (EP) and connect it to the core competency model (CCM).
  2. Refresh and republish the resource guide (RG).
  3. Develop a plan to keep the risk inventory (RI) relevant and useful.
  4. Improve the structure around engaging Affiliate organizations and connection to the EP.
  5. Explore and evaluate potential use of podcast and app technology as a potential medium for education.

Foster Opportunities for Networking and Connections Amongst Members

  1. Develop a formal plan for sustaining ongoing member engagement.
  2. Create a formal structure for the engagement of partner organizations.
  3. Drive an increase in online community activity.

Improve URMIA Office Infrastructure to Better Serve Member Needs

  1. Improve website functionality.
  2. Ensure an onboarding process for new staff effectively drives their engagement.
  3. Improve onboarding experience, recruitment & retention.