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URMIA's conferences are only possible with the help of our generous sponsors. Please consider supporting the upcoming annual conference.

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We offer you many opportunities to gain recognition during the Annual Conference. See the complete listing in our Annual Conference Sponsorship Guide.


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"URMIA sponsorship gives us the opportunity to highlight international education benefits and address manageable risks." Heidi Beliveau, Terra Dotta, Sponsor since 2013

Benefits of Sponsorship

Our annual conferences offer you numerous sponsorship opportunities to fit any budget. These include sponsorships for receptions, meals, keynote speakers, attendee gifts, workshops, outings, scholarships, and much more.

Sponsors receive acknowledgment during the event, in the conference brochure, program book, announcements, sponsor ribbons, and signage displayed in the registration area, as well as recognition during sponsored sessions/events. Sponsors are also recognized on the URMIA website and discussion board announcements. Additionally, sponsors will receive a copy of the participant list.

We encourage you to enjoy the full range of our programming by attending workshops, conference sessions, and special events. URMIA does not host an exhibit hall, so you are free to network and experience our activities alongside other attendees.

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With your investment, URMIA will continue to bring risk management professionals together and provide high-quality, timely educational programming. Please help us advance the discipline of risk management in higher education.

Attendee Counts for URMIA's 50th Annual Conference

Visit our 50th Annual Conference site for more highlights.