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The URMIAnetwork is a collection of online communities hosted by University Risk Management and Insurance Association.  Members of URMIA can use the URMIAnetwork to participate in online discussions, share and see resources in the community library, and connect with other members of the community.


URMIA communities are a valuable member benefit.  We invite you to become a member of URMIA and meet us in cyberspace!

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  • By John Morahan and Aaron Turner, reprinted from The New England Journal of Higher Education , originally appearing in the May 2, 2017, edition. Scanning internet news headlines on any given day will quickly confirm we live in litigious times ...

  • By Wade Bond , Assistant Director of Risk Management, Office of Risk Management, The University of Alabama I recently hired a new risk manager here at the University of Alabama. When I was writing the job description for the position, I wanted ...