• Third Party Contracts Guidelines

    The new 2021 edition updates the 2017 URMIA white paper to reflect changes in the risk management and insurance fields. It provides examples of specific coverages, terms, and conditions you may want to consider when asked to comment on insurance requirements in your institution's contracts.
  • URMIA Education Plan Updated

    Use the new URMIA Education Plan, which is cross-referenced with URMIA's Core Competencies for Higher Education Risk Managers, to enhance your own skill set and identify proficiencies for risk management staff positions at your school. This document includes hyperlinks to professional development resources archived in the URMIA Library in each competency area. You also can use it to see what topics have not been covered recently in URMIA’s professional development channels as you think about your submission as a future presenter.

  • URMIA Peer Review Service

    As you seek to validate or improve your institution’s risk management practices, it helps to have an independent, constructive perspective from a team of highly experienced peers who are deeply knowledgeable about the current challenges facing higher education and a vision for the post-pandemic future.