Affiliate Membership


This membership category is intended for companies that are attuned to the needs and purposes of higher education risk management professionals. Examples include insurance companies, brokerages, law firms, and consultants.

Affiliate Level 4 memberships include one Voting Member and up to three other Members. Additional  Members may be added under the organizational membership for $220 per person per year.

Affiliate Level 1 memberships are for small businesses and include one Voting Member.

2019 Dues

Affiliate Level 4 $1275
Affiliate Level 1 $510

Additional Benefits

  • Visibility, name recognition, and evidence of your organization's commitment to higher education
  • A greater understanding of the issues facing higher education clients and how to address them, enabling your organization to meet your clients' needs better than your competitors
  • A forum to develop personal relationships with higher education professionals from institutions across the country and the world
  • Opportunities to speak at URMIA conferences and to contribute articles to our monthly online newsletter and annual printed publication
  • A listing for you and your organization's website in the member directory

URMIA treats its affiliate members a little differently than other professional organizations do. We view our affiliate members as important partners with whom we share our ideas, problems, and solutions. We welcome the involvement of individuals from a wide variety of industries so that we can work cooperatively to elevate the role of risk management in higher education. We welcome your involvement!

Member Responsibilities

All members are expected to:

The Voting Member has the following additional responsibilities:

  • Vote in URMIA elections and motions from the Board of Directors
  • Assure that annual dues are paid in a timely manner
  • Maintain information about the organization on the URMIA website
  • Authorize individuals as Non-Voting Members under the orgaization's membership

 Thank you for your interest in joining our association!


Affiliate members have the opportunity to communicate their message, services, and products to a wide audience of higher education risk management professionals through our sponsorship program.

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Unique Conference Experience

We encourage you to enjoy the full range of our programming by attending workshops, conference sessions, and special events. URMIA does not host an exhibit hall, so you are free to network and experience our events alongside other attendees.

Other Membership Types

For more information on all of URMIA's memberships, please see the URMIA Bylaws or view our

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Here's what an institution's Risk Manager said about a recent conference experience:

  • I like the way Affiliates have a presence at the conference but it's not all about big flashy vendor booths. It's always interesting to interact with Affiliates in educational sessions instead of vendor booths - it feels like a more genuine experience.