Passing the gavel: Insights from URMIA’s new president

By @Luke Figora, Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Environmental Health & Safety, Northwestern University

Samuel Florio passing the URMIA presidency to Luke Figora

...It’s 35 degrees in Chicago, and I am thinking forward to URMIA’s upcoming strategic planning session in January in Florida. Our last strategic planning endeavor was in 2016, and the ambitious priorities that emerged then involved brand awareness, outreach, organizational stability, global engagement, public policy monitoring, and an update of association governance.

Ambitious! We’ve made great progress over the last two years in improving the sustainability of the organization, increasing membership and solidifying our financial position...

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Reflections on the ERM Roundtable discussion

By @Lisa Zimmaro, Esq., Associate Vice President of Risk Management and Treasury, Temple University

It’s always great to see my colleagues and friends at the URMIA Annual Conference. One of the most important things that the conference offers is a chance for us to have face-to-face discussions about the challenges we face. With that in mind, I wish to share the valuable conversation that about a dozen of us with titles ranging from chief risk officer to compliance manager had at the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Roundtable.

First, we acknowledged that although ERM is a best practice, it is not mandated. There is no single standard framework or set of guidelines for managing an ERM program. The beauty of that is... 

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Lisa Zimmaro

Joseph Storch

Copyright obligations synchronizing photos and videos to music

By Joseph Storch, Associate Counsel, State University of New York

URMIA Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee Blasts are briefings designed to give you the basic facts about a wide variety of legislation and regulations that may have an impact on risk management at your institution. This Blast focuses on copyright obligations when photos or videos are synchronized to music.

Higher education institutions have received demand letters for significant sums over videos posted by institution officials and students on institution websites and social media channels. Litigation could result in substantial judgments if facts are proven and could also present public relations challenges for institutions...

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Getting to know you: Chauncey Fagler

URMIA's Communications Committee invites you to meet @Chauncey Fagler, president-elect of URMIA and executive director and chief risk officer of the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium.

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Chauncey Fagler

Members in the news

2018 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipients

Learn about the latest professional updates from your colleagues, including recently retired members, award recipients, those who have published and those who have been in the news.

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Let the celebration begin!

By @Kathy Hargis, MBA, DRM, Associate Vice President of Risk Management & Compliance, Lipscomb University.

We kicked off our celebration of URMIA’s 50th anniversary in Salt Lake City just a little over a month ago! The theme of this golden anniversary celebration is Community - Innovation - Education: Celebrating 50 Years of Advancing Risk Management.

Throughout the year, we will honor our past, our members, and the impact URMIA has made on the profession and profile of risk management...

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Kathy Hargis


URMIA Regional Conferences


March 13-14 in Las Vegas, NV
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URMIA's 50th Annual Conference

September 16-19 in Boston, MA
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By @Lou Drapeau, ARM, Resource Manager, URMIA

Discover the latest risk management resources we have added to the URMIA Library, plus a selection of upcoming risk management events, webinars, conferences and other learning opportunities for you or your campus colleagues.

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Lou Drapeau


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