Changes made to ISO 31000 standard

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By Robbie Sinclair, Manager of Risk and Assurance, Australian Catholic University, Australia.

ISO 31000 is a group of standards codified by the International Standardization Organisation (ISO) to provide principles and generic guidelines on risk management. ISO 31000 is a universally recognised paradigm for practitioners and companies employing risk management processes to replace a myriad of existing standards, methodologies and paradigms, which differed between industries, subject matters and regions.


UNI launches new campus safety map

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Copyright University of Northern Iowa

By Joseph Rayzor, JD, Director of Risk Management & University Safety Officer, University of Northern Iowa.

If a life depended on it, could you find an AED, blue light phone, storm shelter or evacuation chair? That’s a question the Office of Risk Management at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) addressed after a UNI faculty member, who had seen a piece on the Today Show about locating your closest AED, approached Risk Management with questions about AED locations on campus and how to use them.



Should your campus offer renters insurance?

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Copyright Matt Nazario-Miller

By John Fees, Co-Founder and CEO of NGI Group LLC, and URMIA Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee member.

Just last year, a Georgia College & State University student set off an automatic fire sprinkler system, causing more than $100,000 of damage to the property of students and the university. If this scenario hasn’t occurred at your campus yet, then consider that 2015 Clery Act data indicated that 1,926 fires occurred within on-campus student housing. In addition, FBI crime reports for 2015 documented more than 69,502 campus property crimes and thefts.


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URMIA's Communications Committee invites you to meet Colorado Robertson, assistant director at Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College and the current chair of URMIA’s Membership Committee.


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By Lou Drapeau, ARM, Resource Manager, URMIA.

Each month, we highlight for you and your campus colleagues some of the latest risk management resources and professional development opportunities, legislation and regulations that impact higher education, and what's new in the URMIA Library.

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New international travel advisory system

Travel advisory levels

By Natasha Soulé, Global Safety Manager, The Pennsylvania State University, and Gary Langsdale, University Risk Officer, The Pennsylvania State University, and URMIA Past President.

The US Department of State recently changed the way it issues international travel advisories to be more responsive to the dynamic international environment we face today. Because of the more detailed and continuously updated information available on the State Department’s new advisory system, schools may wish to review and adapt the process by which they define their risk tolerance.



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Ronna's tech tip: Increase the security of your URMIA account with password best practices

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By Ronna Papesh, Database & Website Administrator, URMIA.

New password requirements will be in effect the next time you change your URMIA password. Going forward, URMIA passwords must:

  • Be at least 8 characters in length
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  • Contain at least 1 numeral
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