Justification to Attend

Communicate with Your Supervisor

If you need some help convincing others that you need to attend URMIA's 50th Annual Conference, we can help! We created a justification letter template for you to personalize and share with your supervisor.

Calculate Your Expenses

Gather tangible information to support your request for professional development dollars. Factors include the following:

Registration Fees

The early bird gets a phenominal deal! Our lowest registration fees are available through July 31, 2019.

Additional Educational Opportunities

Some of our pre-conference workshops and post-conference tours are available at no additional cost, while others are very reasonably priced.

Hotel & Travel

URMIA's discount group room rate is available until August 22nd or until the room block is sold out. Explore your many options for getting to Boston.

Plan for a Return on Investment

Consider what you will be bringing back to your department, your campus, and for your own professional development. Plan specific outcomes using the reflection questions and references below.

  1. What risk management problems is our institution trying to solve?
  2. What  learning opportunities can I find or create at the conference to address these issues (e.g., specific workshops and breakout sessions, networking with other risk managers, participating in roundtable discussions, etc.)?
  3. Who can I partner with to find solutions (such as attendees from similar institutions, URMIA leaders, or affiliated service providers)?
  4. Are there any other opportunities in Boston that I can leverage?

Testimonial by Karleen Mjolsness: “Every year I come home with at least 3 take-aways from each session, along with a reassurance that we are on the right track on our campus!”

Map Your Professional Development

Explore the program schedule and session descriptions to map out a plan. You can even filter the sessions in the schedule by URMIA's Core Competencies For Higher Education Risk Managers.

Screenshot of filtering the schedule by core competencies

URMIA's Core Competencies Quadrants

Follow Through

Prepare a list of prompts to ask yourself during and after the conference. You may want to set milestones after returning to the office to review your experiences, and from that, create a list of your accomplishments. This may help you justify attending future URMIA events.

  • What were my key discoveries, solutions, and surprises?
  • What are the tangible things that I am bringing back from this experience?
  • What solutions did I learn about to address problems our institution is facing?
  • What relationships did I build or bolster?
  • What else made this conference valuable to me?
  • With whom do I need to follow up?
  • What do I need to do to implement new ideas and solutions?
  • What new questions do I have?