Scam Alert

URMIA has not contracted with any outside hotel booking agency. All reservations should be booked as described below.

The Sheraton Boston Hotel

As the official conference hotel, the Sheraton Boston Hotel is at the center of all URMIA 2019 conference activities, making it the ideal place for conference attendees to stay.

Meeting Location

Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02199

Book Your Room

Our conference room block is at capacity. Regardless, we recommend that you first attempt to reserve with Sheraton Boston online at our substantial discount group room rate of $279 (single/double) per night, as rooms may become available through cancellations. Alternately, you may telephone Sheraton Reservations at 1-888-627-7054 to request a room specifically at the Sheraton Boston Hotel using our group code: URMIA.

Overflow Hotels

If you are unable to book a room at the Sheraton Boston, the following hotels have set up a courtesy block for URMIA. Click on the link for the desired hotel to book online or telephone the hotel directly and ask for the “URMIA 2019 Annual Meeting” rate.

Hotel Group Rate Additional Info Cut-off Date Walking Distance from Sheraton Boston
AC Hotel Boston-Downtown $339 (617) 848-9063 August 15 1.3 miles (28 minutes)
Courtyard Boston Downtown $299 (617) 426-1400 August 24 1.1 miles (24 minutes) - Also on the T
The Charlesmark at Copley $259 (617) 247-1212 August 30 0.5 miles (15 minutes)
Search Tool for Other Options This tool will help you search for available rooms nearby. It starts with the Sheraton’s availability first and then sorts remaining available hotels in a list by distance from our host hotel. There are additional filters that can be used to get a certain rate or star rating or even search within a certain chain/brand.

Fee Details

All deposits, cancellation fees, and room rates are independent from the Sheraton. Please note those details when booking an overflow hotel.

Keep Checking Back with the Sheraton Boston

Availability at the Sheraton Boston may change from day to day, or moment to moment. We recommend that you continue to check with the Sheraton Boston for a room even if you have already booked a room at an overflow hotel. As long as you follow their cancellation rules, the overflow hotels understand that the official conference hotel has priority.

Additional Fees

Hotel room rates are subject to all state and city taxes (taxes are currently 14.95%) and governmental assessments in effect at the time of the event.

Massachusetts State Tax for the City of Boston increased hotel occupancy tax from 14.45% to 14.95% as of July 1st, 2019. Any guests who have pre-paid will need to either submit the difference or settle the balance at checkout.

Best Available Pricing

On occasion, you may find internet providers will offer a few rooms in their inventory at a lower price than the conference hotel is offering. There are often restrictions and penalties associated with these rates. If you somehow obtain a better rate than one offered here, your stay will not be counted toward our required room count. Rest assured, we’ve done a thorough search and have not found anything in a 45-minute radius that is close to our discounted room rates.

Why Book with Us

It is important to recognize that URMIA was able to hold conference registration fees to the same price as last year in part because of the Sheraton Boston's other discounts for the association on meeting spaces, food and beverage, and other associated services that enhance attendees’ experience. We will attempt to keep the hotel full at the available capacity to ensure these concessions.